Prairie Smoke Equipment

Individuals who have been Prairie Smoke members for at least a year are welcome to borrow our equipment for use in prescribed burns on their property. First, please review the Prairie Smoke policy statement. Access to the Burn Packet is available on the same page.

Then, call Barb and Walt Nigon, 507-285-0496.

Thanks to generous donations by Prairie Smoke members, we have a few new additions to our management equipment inventory. Recently, we were able to purchase two Stihl chainsaws and a brushsaw. Now, we have three great cutting tools to help combat invasive brush. We will offer training regularly on chainsaw and brushsaw safety so members can use these saws. We have also added two herbicide sprayers. One is a backpack sprayer you can wear on your back (hence the name!), and the other is a hand-held pump that can be used in areas where a backpack is more cumbersome. Both units are pressurized to allow ease in application. They are also equipped with special low-volume nozzles to minimize spray drift and get maximum efficiency for expensive herbicide.

Other available equipment includes:

Trailer with 200 gallon water tank, pump, and hose
Backpacks with bladder bags and sprayers
Weed burner/torch
Drip torches
Warning signs for burns near roads
Weather kits
6 Long range radios with holders
Kestrel Weather recorder
Supply kit of replacement parts

Specific policies for equipment use are available by contacting any Prairie Smoke Board member. In the meantime, have you...

Arranged for all permissions and burn permits, if applicable
Participated in prescribed prairie burns and prescribed burn workshops
Requested help from Prairie Smoke members by placing a tentative burn date on the calendar and asking for volunteer help
Located appropriate flame retardent clothing
Determined an experienced "burn boss" who can take command of the burn on site.

Certainly, there is more to consider prior to burning your prairie. These questions serve as a place to start. Good luck!

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